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Abstract(s) presentations have to be in English language.

Posters presentations
Printed presentation format : 90 cm width x 120 cm height (A0). Characters stick preference (Arial, Helvetica ...).
Landscape format (inversion length and width) is not allowed.
Attachment systems are available on site.

Oral abstract presentations
Oral presentation timing : 8mn + 2mn discussion
Selected presentations will be announced on the event scientific program.
Please upload your slides presentation on a USB key and provide it to the preview room at your arrival.

Registration fees
All accepted presentations' submitters have to pay the regular registration fees.

Agreement / Disclaimer
By submitting your abstract presentation, you certify that the content is an original contribution that has not been presented or published elsewhere and giving permission to the organisers of the Event to publish on the Congress website. In addition, if your abstract is accepted for presentation, you have to be present at the Congress in order to present your communication.
The organisers reserve the right to reject any abstract presentations, in their sole discretion.

Submissions are closed