Christel Larbouret received her Ph.D. degree (Biological Sciences, cancerology from the University of Montpellier) in 2007 where she studied anti-HER family monoclonal antibodies combination and bispecific antibody in ovarian and pancreatic cancer (PDAC). These results lead to a phase I/II in advanced or metastatic PDAC. Then, she worked as a research scientist in the Montpellier cancer institute (French Comprehensive Cancer Centers) in the group of “Immunotargeting and Radiobiology in Oncology” in close collaboration with clinicians (radiotherapist and surgeron). Her research interests are focused on translational research in pancreatic cancer. She developed monoclonal antibodies directed against tyrosine kinase receptors or their ligands and studied their effects in relevant pre-clinical models (PDx, syngenic, spheroids, ) alone or in combination with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or targeted therapies. She studies also the crosstalk between pancreatic cancer cells and micro environment (mainly Cancer associated Fibroblast) and try to disturb it with monoclonal antibodies associated with other drugs.

She has gained expertise in therapeutic antibodies (engineering and development in cancer) and pancreatic cancer, leading to more than 30 international scientific papers and 5 patents.

She is member of the “laboratoire d’excellence” (Labex mabImprove) with a major participation of the key question “Antibody combination”, of SIRIC Montpellier Cancer mainly in the radiobiology research program and of AFRCP (French association of research on pancreatic cancer).