Ilaria Cascone, is an Associate Professor currently working at the University of Paris Est (UPEC) at CRRET laboratory, Creteil, France focusing on the regulation of tumour vessel normalization and development of new therapies in pancreatic cancer.

She obtained her PhD in 2006 at the University of Turin, Italy working at the Institute for Cancer Research (IRCCS) on the regulation of tumoral angiogenesis. She then performed a post-doctoral training at the Institute Curie in the team directed by J. Camonis on Ras-Ral signalling in tumour cells. She accumulated a thorough experience on tumour angiogenesis, tumour cell biology and pancreatic cancer microenvironment and in particular on endothelial cell, pericyte and recently immune cell regulation and manipulation. She will join the new team of « Immunoregulation and biotherapies » directed by J. Cohen at the Mondor Biomedical Research Institute (IMRB) for developing approaches targeting pancreatic cancer microenvironment and normalizing tumour vessels for improving immunotherapies.