Sophie Vasseur obtained her PhD at the University of Marseille in 1999 and got a position at INSERM in 2002.

She then spent 3 years in Dr. T.W. Mak laboratory at the Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer (Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, Canada) and is now heading her own research group focused on metabolic changes associated with pancreatic cancer at the Cancer Research Center of Marseille. Her group has published original papers and reviews highlighting the complex metabolic plasticity of PDAC. Dr. S. Vasseur’s group aims to understand how PDAC rewires metabolic pathways to satisfy the needs of tumor cells in terms of biomass, energy, co-factors for their survival, proliferation in the primary site, and ultimately for their dissemination to distant sites.

Her long-term vision is to exploit newly identified metabolic targets as therapeutic tools to limit pancreatic tumor growth towards an aggressive and metastatic disease.